What is WEPA Hybrid Fair Fibre?

WEPA Hybrid Fair Fibre is a combination of cellulose fibres made from certified paper from responsibly managed forests and recycled fibres made from 100% recycled paper. This hybrid product consists of 20-30 % recycled fibres and 70-80 % pulp. The amount of recycled fibres depends on the desired properties of the respective end product.

Why are hybrid products better?

A hybrid product with 30% RC content has a 20%* better environmental footprint in comparison to a 100% pulp product. As a result of the proportion of recycled fibres in the hybrid product, our forests are protected. Our energy and water consumption is greatly reduced. Hybrid products are therefore more environmentally friendly than pure pulp products.

*based on environmental impact points

The Fair Facts

With the environmentally friendly properties of these fibres, we are able to produce a sustainable and fair hygiene paper.

Retailers are also responding by replacing some of their cellulose items with Hybrid Fair Fibre products.

Hybrid Fair Fibre hygiene paper meet consumer needs in terms of ecology and comfort.

This improves the environmental footprint in their range of hygienic paper.

Recent studies have confirmed: In a direct comparison, more than 80% of respondents liked the Hybrid Fair Fibre product just as much as a cellulose product.

Environmentally conscious products meet customers' quality requirements.

Which WEPA Hybrid Fair Fibre products can I buy?

The WEPA brand Sammy contains our Hybrid Fair Fibre technology, which encompasses all of our product groups. From toilet paper, kitchen towels, cosmetic tissues to handkerchiefs – our Sammy range extends from entry level products to premium products. Naturally, the Hybrid Fair Fibre technology can also be incorporated into your own brand range. If we have sparked your interest, please do not hesitate to get in touch with your main sales contact. We look forward to hearing from you.


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