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A +++ 100% PAP 100% PE 100% PP 10 11 12 13 14 15 7 6 5 4 3 2 1 8 9 Reduce Reuse Recycle Lebenswert No. 4 · 2019 With ‘Reduce – Reuse – Recycle’ everyone can do their bit Hand in hand with consumers, trade, industry and politics “There is no Planet B” – with this slogan school children and also an increasing number of adults from all over the world have been demonstrating peacefully every Friday for months for more climate protection. Researchers and insti- tutes who are serious about climate change have been pointing out the consequences of not making the necessary changes for years. The in- creasing number of storms and floods, but also heat and drought, are now making us all actually feel the change. European citizens are concerned and would like to see the development and pursuit of a more stringent political framework for active ecological action. Our cur- rent consumption and economic system is increasingly being called into question and requires a funda- mental overhaul. Acting instead of hesitating We know: To master the challenges we face, we must all act in a respon- sible manner and drive forward all of our activities that effect the areas of sustainability. We must do this by being innovative and sharing such a focus. The continuing in- crease in economic growth, the de- velopment of emerging markets and the growing world population are just three reasons why we need to rethink our behaviour up to now. Increasing mobility also has an im- pact on our climate not only in terms of pollutant emissions, but also in terms of the extraction of raw materials (petroleum-based fu- els, rare-earth elements for mobile phones) and land consumption (for motorways and roads). The in- creasing consumption of these fi- nite natural resources shows us the urgency by which we need to de- liver a rapid, proactive approach. These environmental issues are complex but there is a requirement to set in motion concrete measures to tackle them head on as awareness grows. Each individual, as well as in- dustry, trade and politicians, can make a significant contribution. We at WEPA have been committed to the economical use of resources for many years and strive for con- tinuous improvement. The princi- ples of “Reduce – Reuse – Recycle” are not just insights we have gained in recent years, but they have, in fact, been embedded in our busi- ness practices for decades. In the paper industry in particular, we have a great capacity to improve our ecological performance. 3R: This is sustainability at WEPA Example 1: Energy consumption. One major positive of setting targets and measuring our success is we can show our absolute commitment to these actions. In fact we have al- ready saved around 10 % of our en- ergy needs between 2012 and 2016. We have set ourselves a further 5 % target for the period up to 2021 and are committed to implementing the measures required to achieve this. These includes energy efficiency projects (Reduce) and heat recovery measures (Reuse) which are most effective in the field of paper pro- duction. As such, we have been able to save several tonnes of natu- ral energy sources such as natural gas or crude oil, resulting in sig- nificant CO 2 savings in an ener- gy-intensive industry such as the paper industry. Example 2: Packaging. Hygiene paper requires appropri- ate transport and storage protec- tion in order to remain hygienic. To achieve this we exclusively use recyclable wrap in addition to cardboard and paperboard. As a recycling specialist, the develop- ment of efficient cycles is of par- ticular relevance for us. This en- ables us to reduce the use of materials wherever technically and functionally possible and to recycle them. As a result, we will be able to permanently save “fresh” packaging materials and conserve natural resources. There is much to discover about the WEPA world on the subject of Re- duce – Reuse – Recycle from our hidden object picture. Brief expla- nations give you an idea of the many activities which can be comprehen- sively supplemented in a personal conversation. Our dedicated contact persons would be happy to help and look forward to hearing from you.