WEPA - Lebenswert

Time for FAIR Lebenswert No. 3 · 2018 Together for a sustainable future Why WEPA acts sustainably. Why WEPA tissue is sustainable. On 2 May, humankind had already used up the resources of our planet for the entire year of 2018. If all the people on Earth lived in the same manner as the Europeans, we would need around three planet Earths per year to cover our needs. The scenarios that scientists sketch for our future are just as alarming: Climate change, mountains of rub- bish, scarcity of resources and many other topics grab the head- lines and are a deep concern to all of us. Satisfying the increasing de- mands of a growing global popula- tion will not least be problematic due to the increasing demand for raw materials. This is clear: We live beyond our means and must find new approaches. New approaches of adequately coping with and mas- tering the challenges we face. One approach will be to make our consumption more transparent and conscious. Not only is it necessary to examine the issue of “where from” with regards to products, their constituent parts and produc- tion processes – also referred to as social responsibility – but also the “where to” at the end of the life cycle will become increasingly important for the informed consumer. The or- igin of the raw materials used is therefore just as important as the question about what happens to the waste materials at the end. Are the constituent parts environmentally friendly and can they be recycled? Are there any collection systems in place, and which technical condi- tions have to be met? Questions for which good solutions certainly al- ready exist, but which could be fur- ther improved. After all, mankind has always been capable to face new challenges and adapt to them. This is one of our major strengths. We are able to re- think and come up with new ap- proaches to limiting global warm- ing, for example, or reducing waste and handling resources rationally. We understand the impacts of our behaviour and learn how to make a connection between our purchas- ing behaviour and the environ- ment. Let’s use this knowledge to favour better products! Manufacturers and consumers are called upon to play their part and join political powers and environ- mental associations in working on suitable development projects, thus ensuring a sustainable future for us all. We can also make a good choice when it comes to sanitary papers: recycled or hybrid products. Pro- duced from paper fibres that have already been used multiple times, in combination with sustainable, fresh fibres, they offer the same comfort as pure pulp products. Hy- giene papers have a limited recy- cling capability. Once they have been used to manufacture paper, valuable raw materials are largely lost forever. It therefore makes sense to use recycled fibres for the production of toilet paper etc. An increasing number of consumers are therefore choosing products displaying the Blue Angel symbol, or WEPA Hybrid Fair Fiber prod- ucts, and are thus supporting re- source-friendly hygiene paper pro- duction. Join us and support our initiative to use more recycled fi- bres for toilet paper etc. Everyone needs to play a part be- cause it is only by working together that we will be able to cope with the geo-relevant challenges discussed. I’m convinced that it is possible. Martin Krengel CEO of the WEPA Group WHO QUALITY? SUSTAINABLE DELIVERS WE THE DELIVER FEELING! GOOD