WEPA - Lebenswert

Time for FAIR Lebenswert Because our future is worth it Why WEPA acts sustainably. Why WEPA tissue is sustainable. Sustainability. As often as we use this term in different contexts, we also use it in a variety of different ways in everyday usage. We talk about sus- tainable corporate governance, sus- tainable use of resources, sustainable personnel work and sustainable commitment to society. What do we mean by that? Originally only applied to responsi- ble handling of one of our most im- portant resources – wood – in the long term, it now demands atten- tion in any aspect of our lives. In order to safeguard our quality of life and improve it as much as possible, we now focus on the sensible use of raw materials and capital, expertise and experience, machines and pro- cesses. As a family company, however, WEPA has done more than just fo- cus on the conscientious use of re- sources. For decades now, WEPA has been taking a holistic corporate approach: We take responsibility for our future and the generations that will follow us. We are aware of the ef- fects our actions today will have on tomorrow’s world. And we know that hygiene paper not only needs to be soft, reliable and comfortable, but must also be capable of benefit- ing the environment at the same time. We are responsible for our envi- ronment. Every day. That is why even hygiene paper needs to be sustainable. We are taking this re- sponsibility to heart. Today for to- morrow with WEPA Hybrid Fair Fiber Tissue. Why we act sustainably? We do so, because we believe our future is worth it. Martin Krengel CEO WEPA Group does also Why Tissue need to be sustainable? No. 2 · 2016